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What Others Are Saying (email excerpts)

"Finally, a curriculum that is doable in a school year and yet covers everything. Thanks for sharing your work." - Neal, Algebra II - Texas

"I love this cuuriculum because it is so organized and easy to navigate. I have to do very little planning because it is all done for me. All I have to do is concentrate on the teaching." - Ginger - PreCal - Georgia

"Having every lesson on video is a great advantage. Getting to watch Mr. Cook teach the lesson always gives me ideas on things I could be doing differently."
Ann Marie, Algebra II - Kansas

"CSCOPE should have been done the way you did this curriculum. This is the way advanced math should be taught!" - August - PreCal - Texas

"I love the way you have inserted some of the little side-topics that our state does not require but that I think are so important."- M.H.- California

"Mr. Cook, my students think I am a slave driver since I rigorously follow your lesson plans and do one lesson a day, rain or shine. Actually, they have gotten used to it and expect something new everyday. I'm so glad you put in those reviews since that keeps everything fresh." - Albert - New York

"I commend you on this curriculum which so perfectly fits the STEM initaitive that we hear so much about now. I recently watched Diane Sawyer in China where she interviewed Chinese teachers and students. They go to school 40 days per year more than us here in Texas. On top of that, our district cut our school year by 8 days for most students while making only the most dismally motivated still attend. We need to be pushing our top students even harder and this suite of advanced math certainly is a step in the right direction."- E. F.-Texas

"My teacher this year is using these Alg 2 lesson. I have never worked this hard in math before, but I am really learning. I want to be an engineer and I think this is really going to help." - Amanda (student in Iowa)


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"Last year we tried your Alg II curriculum and are so pleased with the results that we will begin using your PreCal and Calculus this school year." - Fran-Kansas

"Have you considered showing at some of the major eductional trade shows? As curriculum director for our district, I attend all that are nearby and have never seen a Blue Pelican Booth. My math depart is sold on this curriculum and I was thinking what a boost your curriculum would be to our nations math scores if it was used in more schools. Keep up the good work." - Estephaina - Florida

"I hearby give permission to post this email in your "Testimonials" area. I have been thinking about our difficulty with math in our country for several years now. I notice you refer to your curriculum as a 'disclipined' approach whereby ( if I understand correctly) you insist on a lesson every day with no let-up. This is close to what CSCOPE advocates; however, instead of a lesson a day, they say, "Here, cover this stuff in a week or so." The teachers in our school are supposed to be following CSCOPE but they don't do it in any way close to a 'disclipined fashion.' It's the same story with other schools I know of using CSCOPE.... So, much of the curriculum never gets covered. Further aggravating the situation is the fact that most of the CSCOPE lessons suck really bad. Much of it is group activity that just doesn't get the job done. - - - I think the solution to getting our country back on track mathematically is a "disclipined, rigorous approach" such as you push here with your curriculum and administrators with enough backbone to separate out the students that can be successful with such a grueling pace. I'm definitely not for abandoning the low end of our student population... it's just time we push just as hard with the top end too. I am very pleased with the way our students have responded to your PreCal curriculum this year and plan to move them into Blue Pelican Calculus next year." - William (advanced math teacher)


Charles Cook, author of our math curriculum, is a high school teacher with a proven track record of success in both the class room and publishing.  A passion for teaching advanced mathematics and a clear vision of both its content and presentation shapes Cook’s curriculum that we present here.

A quick look at this curriculum reveals that it definitely was not created by a committee: it discards the traditional approach of bloated, politically correct textbooks and opts for day-by-day lessons that are actually ‘doable’ in a single day.

Cook has carefully crafted each of these free, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II (alg), Pre-calculus( pre cal), and Calculus, lessons so as to cover all required topics in a single school year... and all with continuing built-in review and daily tweets.

Download Free Alg I, Alg II, Pre-Calculus (Pre-Cal), and Calculus Curriculum

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